*Wadrada (Wiltrud) d'Orleans von Wormsgau
born about 0799 Orleans, France

*Hadrian de Allemania von Wormsgau Count of Orleans
born about 0760
died 15 February 823/824

*Waldrata von Hornbach
born Bef 0783
died Aft 15 Feb 0823/0824

*Eudes Count of Orleans
born Abt 0800 Orleans, Loiret, France

spouse (1st?):
*Guiguin Count of Soissons
born abt 0799
died aft 0844
(end of information)

children (from 1st marriage):
*Eudes Count of Troyes
born abt 0829
died aft 0870

spouse (2nd?):
*Rutpert III of Wormsgau
born about 0780 France
died after 0834

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Robert (Rupert IV) "The Strong" "Fortis" Marquis de Neustria
born before 0836
died (killed) 15 September 0866

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
Order of these marriages is not certain. Her mother, for example, led quite a checkered career.