Dismantling the Windmill

windmill dismantling
This entire dismantling was done by one man!
(He initially took a buddy who developed terminal hemorrhoids.)
First the fiberglass nosecones were removed.

basket ride
Here is the basket you ride to the top-100 feet straight up!

These were loaded onto a truck and delivered to an employee of
Puerto Rican Light & Power who used them for chicken houses.
Does this give you an idea of the size of this monster?

Next an "A-frame" was built on top of the windmill.

Here you can see the nose of the winch peeking over the end of
where the nosecone used to be.

one at a time
The next step was to remove the blades one at a time.

first blade
Here is the first blade on the ground.
It is sixty feet long!

both blades
Here are both blades on the ground.
It's a lonnnggg way down!

Next all the generators, gearboxes, and controls were lowered onto the truck.
These were so heavy they had to go down in pieces
directly onto the truck.
If they ever touched the ground they'd never be raised up again.

Here is the victim at the scene of the crime-recently eviscerated.
Notice Turtle Beach in the background.

dirty boy
Finally, the fiberglass shroud was lowered.
(Note the dirty man.)

standing alone
This is how the tower was left standing.

blades on a trailer
The blades were loaded on a trailer.
Unfortunately, Hurricane Hugo undid them.
Everything else was loaded on the truck and shipped to the mainland.
But the "truck story" is another story......
Click here for the "truck story".

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