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hammer and sickle"Great Patriotic War"hammer and sickle
Commemorative Pocket Watch

These watches were issued to veterans of World War II
which the Russians call the "Great Patriotic War".
This watch commemorates the 50th anniversary of the end of the war.
watch front
The front case is inscribed "Patriotic War".
The case is polished nickel-steel and enamel.
Appropriately enough, the works are produced in Chelyabinsk
in a factory that was lifted out of Germany
at the end of the war- lock, stock and barrel.
watch face
The mechanism style predates the Napoleanic Wars
with the old balance wheel escapement.
Of course, it is guaranteed for as far as you can throw it,
provided it is not wound too tight or used to crack walnuts.
It is just a good old-fashioned watch that generally works.
watch back
The obverse is struck "Great War 1941-1945".
It probably wasn't such a great war,
but it was a great triumph over fascism.
If it weren't for the Russians, they'd be speaking
German on the streets of Paris this very day.
Of course the only one who killed
more people than Hitler was Stalin.
And for this they give the fortunate survivors fifty years later
a steel watch instead of a gold watch.
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