*Herbert III Count of Vermandois
born Abt 0942/0953 Of, Vermandois
died 29 Aug 0997/1015

*Albert I "The Pious" Count of Vermandois
born Abt 0915 Of Vermandois, Neustria
died 7 Sep 0978 St. Quentin, Flandres
buried St. Quentin, Flandres

*Gerberge Princess of Lorraine
born Abt 0925 Of, Lorraine
married Bef 0954 France

Lindulf of Vermandois born Abt 0957 Of, Vermandois died 0986
Eudes (Otton) de Vermandois born Abt 0946 Of Vermandois died Bef 0987
*Guy Count of Soissons born Abt 0948 Of Vermandois died 13 Jun (after 0988/89)
Gisáele of Vermandois born Abt 0950 Of, Vermandois

*Ermengarde of Bar Countess of Vermandois
born Abt 0946 Of, Bourgogne, Champagne
died Aft 1018
married Bef 0974

*Otho (Otto) Count Of Vermandois
born Abt 0979 Of, Vermandois, France
died 25 May 1043/1045 France
Albert II Count of Vermandois & Namur
born Abt 0977 Of, Vermandois, France died 1 Feb 1015

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