*Adelaide de Vermandois
born 0950 Vermandois, Neustria
died after 0982

*Robert Count of Vermandois and Meaux
born about 0918 Vermandois, Neustria
died 29 August 0968

*Adelais "Were" de Challons Countess de Vermandois
born abt 0920
died 19 Aug 0967


*Lambert d'Autun
born about 0950 Autun, France
died 22 February 0978

children (from 1st marriage?):
*Maud (Mathilda) de Chalons born about 0970 Chalons, Champagne died 1005/19
*Elizabeth de Chalons-sur-Saon born about 0970 France
Hugues I d'Autun Count of Chalon died 4 November 1039
Aelis d'Autun

spouse (2nd?):
*Geoffrey I "Grisgonelle" (Greygown) d'Anjou
born about 0950 Anjou, France
died 21 July 0987

children (from 2nd? marriage):
*Foulques III "Le Noir" Count d'Anjou
born 21 June 0967 Anjou, France
died between 22 May & 21 June 1040 Anjou, France
*Hermengard de Normandie born Anjou, France died 27 June 0992?
*Gerberga d'Anjou born about 0962 Anjou, France

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
It is not absolutely clear if there were two marriages or just confusion in the record.