*Maude Le Vavasour
born 1176 Edlington, Yorkshire, England

*Robert Le Vavasour
born before 1193 <Of,Yorkshire, England>
died 1234

*Julian De Ros
born < 1234 Edlington, Yorkshire, England

John Vavasour born <1219 Edlington, Yorkshire, England>

spouse (1st):
*Theobald Fitzwalter Chief Butler of Ireland
born about 1165 West Dereham, Norfolk, England
died 1206
buried Wotheney Abbey, Limerick Ireland

*Theobald "le Butzllen" Le Botiller (Butler)
born 1200 Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland
died 19 July 1230 Poitou, France
buried Abbey, Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland
Beatrice Butler born about 1198 Lancashire, England

spouse (2nd)
*Fulke III Fitzwarin
born abot 1175 Hertfordshire, England
died 1258
married 1 October 1207 Of Yorkshire, England

children (from second marriage):
*Fulk IV Fitzwarin born about 1210 Alveston, Gloucestershire, England
died 14 May 1264 Ouse River
*Hawise Fitzwarin born after 1189
Eugenia Fitzwarin born about 1208 Hertfordshire, England

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