*Jeanne de Valois
born about 1294 Longpont, Aisen, France
died 7 March 1342 Fontenelle, Yonne, France

*Charles III de Valois Capet Duc de Anjou Prince of France
born 12 March 1269/70 Fontainebleau, France
died 16 December 1325 Nogent-le-Roy

*Marguerite de Sicily
born 1273/74 Naples, Sicily
died 31 December 1299
married 16 August 1290 Corbeil, Marne, France

Isabelle Princess of France born 1292
Philippe VI France King of France 1293 France died 1350 France
Marguerite Princess of France born 1295 died 1317 Marlborough Castle, England
Charles Prince of France born 1297
Catherine Princess of France born 1298

*William III "the Good" Count of Hainault d'Avesnes
born about 1286 Hainault, Belgium
died 7 June 1337 Valenciennes, Nord, France
married 19 May 1305 Chauny, Aisne, France

*Elizabeth de Hainault born about 1318 Hainault, Belgium
Sibylla Countess of Holland born 1310 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France
Margaretha Countess of Holland born 1311 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France
Jan Count of Holland born 1315 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France died 1316
*Philippa d'Avesnes Queen of England born about 1314 Mons, Hainault, Belgium
died 14 August 1369 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Johanna Countess of Holland born 1315 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France died 1374
Willem IV Count Holland born about 1317 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France
died 26 September 1345 Warns, Friesland, Netherlands
Agnes Countess of Holland born about 1320 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France
died after 24 November 1327
Louis Count of Holland born 1325 Le Quesnoy, Nord, France died 1328

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