*Ralph De Toeni (De Conches)
born Abt 1029 Of Flamsted, Herefordshire, England
died 24 Mar 1101/1102
buried Abt 1101/1102 Conches, Seine-et-Marne, France

*Roger "The Spainiard" De Toeni (Conches)
born Abt 0990 <Of, Tosni, France>
died Abt 1038/1039
buried 31 May 1038/1039 Conches, Seine-et-Marne, France

*Godeheut (Godehilde) Borrell de Barcelona
born Abt 0995 Of, Barcelona, Spain
died Aft 1077

*Alice (Adelise) De Toeni born Abt 1035 Of Tosni, France buried Lire Abbey, France
Helbert (Elbert) De Toeni born Abt 1032 <Of, Staffordshire, England>
Eliant (Eliance) De Toeni born Abt 1034 <Of, Tosni, France>
son De Toeni born Abt 1040 <Of, Tosni, France>
*Robert De Toeni Baron de Stafford born Abt 1031 Of Staffordshire, England
died 1088 buried Abbey, Evesham, Worcestershire, England
Gazon De Toeni born Abt 1033 Of, Tosni, France

*Isabel (Elizabeth) Montford
born Abt 1058 Of Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England
married Abt 1076 Of Ile De France, France

*Ralph De Toeni (De Conches)
born Abt 1079 Of Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England
died Abt 1126 Conches, Seine-et-Marne, France
buried Conches, Seine-et-Marne, France
Robert De Toeni born Abt 1086 <Of, Tosni, France>
Roger II De Toeni born Abt 1077 Of, Tosni, France
died 15 May 1091 buried Abt 1091 Conches, Normandy, France
Godeheut (Godechilde) De Toeni born Abt 1081 Of, Tosni, France

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