*Heinrich Count of Speyergau
born about 0969 Speyergau, Rheinland, Germany
died 28 May 0989

*Otto Duke of Carinthia-Waiblingen
born 0948 Of Karnten, Austria
died 4 Nov 1004

*Judith Countess of Bavaria
born about 0952 Bavaria
died after 0977

Wilhelm Bishop of Bamberg born 0974? <Karnten, Austria>
Konrad I Duke of Carinthia born 0972? Karnten, Austria died 12 August 1011
Bruno Prince of Carinthia born 0970? Speyergau, Rheinland, Germany
died 18 November 0999 Roma, Italy buried St. Peter Basilica, Vatican, Italy

*Adelheid, Countess of Alsace
born Abt 0979 Of, Remiremont, Vosges, France
died 19 May 1040

*Konrad II Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 0990 Of Burgundy, France
died 4 Jun 1039 Utrecht, Netherlands
Gebhard Bishop of Regensburg
born 0992? Of Burgogne, France
died 1060 Regensburg, Oberpfalz, Bavaria

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