*Ida Billung of Saxony
born 1046
died 31 July 1102

*Bernard II Duke of Saxony
born 0995? Luneberg, Saxony
died 29 June 1059

*Eilika Margravine of Schweinfurt
born about 1005 Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria
died 1059
married about 1020

*Gertrud Princess of Saxony born about 1028 Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria
died 4 August 1113
Hermann Prince of Saxony born 1030? Saxony died 31 May 1086
*Ordulph (Otto) Duke of Saxony born about 1020 Saxe, Prussia died 28 March 1072

*Albert III Count of Namur
born about 1048 Namur, Belgium
died 22 June 1102

*Godefroy de Namur born 1073 Namur, Belgium died 19 August 1139
*Clementia Countess of Namur born about 1078 Namur, Belgium died 1117/22
*Henry Seigneur de la Roche born about 1070 died before 5 June 1138
Albert IV "de Jaffa" de Namur
Adelaide Countess of Namur
born 1068 Namur, France died 1124
Ida of Namur

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