*Amadeo III Count of Savoy
born Abt 1092 Savoie, France
died 1 Apr 1148/1149

*Humbert II Count of Maurienne & Savoy, Marquis of Turin
born about 1062 Savoie, France
died 17 October 1103
buried 19 October 1103

*Gisela (Gille) de Maçon de Bourgogne
born about 1060 Bourgogne, France
died 1133
married 1090

*Alix (Adâelaèide) Countess of Savoy born about 1092 Savoie, France
died 18 November 1154 buried Abbaye De Montmartre, Savoie
*Agnes de Savoy born before 1104 Maurienne, Savoy, France

*Maud (Mathilde) Countess of Albon
born Abt 1116 Albon, France
died Aft Jan 1145
married 1120

*Humbert III "le Saint" Count of Savoy born 1 Aug 1136 Savoie, France
died 4 Mar 1188/1189 France
Agnes Countess of Savoy born Abt 1138 Savoie, France died 1177
*Matilde (Maud) Countess of Savoy born 1125 Of, Chambâery, Savoie, France
died 4 Nov 1157 Coimbra, Portugal buried Igreja Santa Cruz, Coimbra, Portugal

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