*Manfred I Marquis di Saluzzo
born about 1130 Saluzzo-Cuneo, Italy
died 1175

*Bonifacio di Saluzzo Marquesa di Savonia
born about 1080 Saluzzo-Cuneo, Italy
died about 1130

*Agnes de Vermandois
born about 1090 Valois, France
died after 1125

*Anselmo de Ceva born about 1120
*Sybilla de Vasto de Savona born 1104 Vasto, Chieti, Italy died 1172
Guglielmo del Vasto born after 1110 died about 1155

*Eleanor di Arborea
born 1134 Arborea, Italy
married 1175

*Manfred II Marquis di Saluzzo
born about 1157 Saluzzo-Cuneo, Italy
died after 22 April 1215

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LDS & ancestry.com
One source lists *Alice of Savoy as the mother but she was the wife of *Louis VI "The Fat" King of France.