*Ludmilla Ragnhildis of Friesland (Reginhilde) Countess of Ringelheim
born about 0858 Germany

*Gottfried Prince of Denmark King of Haithabu
born Abt 0852 Of Denmark
died 0885

*Gisela Of Lotharingia Princess of Lorraine
born abt 0869
died bef 26 Oct 0907
married 0882 Of Lorraine

*Sigfried "Le Danois" Count of Guisnes
born Abt 0905 Of Guisnes, Picardie, France died 0965

*Theudebert Dietrich Duke of Saxony Count von Ringelheim
born between 0853/72 Ringelheim, Goslar, Hannover, Prussia
died 8 December 0917

*Frederuna of Ringelheim born between 0880-0900 Ringelheim, Goslar, Hannover, Prussia
*St. Matilda Countess of Ringelheim born about 0878 Ringelheim, Goslar, Hannover, Germany
died 14 May 0968 Memleben, Saxony
*Hugh (Hugo?) Count of Equisheim born about 0903 Dagsbourg, Hainault, Belgium
*Amalrada of Ringleheim

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