*Bjorn "Ironside" Ragnarsson
born Denmark

*Ragnar "Lodbrok" Lothrocus king of Dacia (Denmark) Sigurdson
born about 0765 Uppsala, Sweden
died 0845 England

*Aslaug Sigurdsdotter
born about 0765 Denmark
married about 0783 Denmark

*Ivar "The Boneless" Ragnarsson King of Dublin & York
born about 0787 Denmark died 0873 England
*Sigurd "Snake-Eye" Ragnarsson born about 0786 Denmark
Hvitserk Ragnarsson born about 0790 Denmark
Rognvald Ragnarsson born about 0791 Denmark
*Halfdan "White Shirt" Ragnarsson died 0877 Ireland
Ragnhildir Ragnardottir
Alof Ragnardottir
Ubbe Ragnarsson


*Refill Bjornsson born about 0796 Sweden
Asleik Bjornsson born about 0812 Sweden died 0850
Erik Bjornsson born about 0798 Sweden

biographical and/or anecdotal:
"The number of ships increases., the endless flood of Vikings never ceases to grow bigger. Everywhere Christ's people are the victims of massacre, burning, plunder. The Vikings over-run all that lie before them. They seze Bordeaux, Perigeaux, Limoges, Angouleme, Toulouse; Agers, Tours and Orleans are made deserts. Ships past counting voyage up the Seine. Rouen is laid waste, looted and burnt: Paris, Beauvais, Meaux are taken, Melun's stronghold is razed to the ground, Chartres occupied Evreux, and Bayeux looted and every town invested.." (from the writings of Ermentarius of Noirmoutier 860).From this welter of harassment and destruction we pick one name- Bjorn Ironside, son of Lothrocus king of Dacia (Denmark) otherwise known as Ragnar Lodbrok. History of the Vikings, Gwyn Jones.

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