*Hrollager (Hrollaug) of Iceland Ragnvaldsson
born abt 0854 Of Maer, Norway

*Rognvald Eysteinsson "The Wise" Earl of More and Romsdal
born Abt 830 Of, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway
died 890/0894 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland

*Ragnhild (Hilda) Hrolfsdatter Countess of More
born Abt 848 Of, Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
married Abt 867 Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway

Thoric "The Silent" Count of Maerc
*Rollo (Hrolf the Ganger) Duke of Normandy
born Abt 0846 Of, Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
died Abt 0931 Of, Notre Dame, Rouen, Nornandie, Neustria
buried Of, Notre Dame, Rouen, Nornandie, Neustria
*Einar "Turf" Rognvaldsson Jarl of Orkney
born Abt 0852 Of Maer, More og Romsdal, Norway
died 0910 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
*Turstan Rognvaldsson of Bastenburg
Hallad Ragnvaldsson
Ivar Ragnvaldsson

*Emina wife of Hrollager (Hrollaug) of Iceland Ragnvaldsson
married 0884
(end of information)

*Rollo Thurstan Brico (or Bigod) born about 0885 Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

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