*Margaret de Quincy
born about 1218 Winchester, Hampshire, England
died before 12 March 1284

*Roger de Quincy
born about 1174 Winchester, Hampshire, England
died 25 April 1264 England
buried Brackley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

*Helen (Elena) of Galloway
born about 1208 Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
died after 21 November 1245 England
buried Brackley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
married about 1217

*Helen (Ellen) de Quincy born about 1222 Winchester, Hampshire, England
died before 20 August 1296 England
*Elizabeth (Isabel) de Quincy born about 1220 Winchester, Hampshire, England
died 12 April 1282

*William de Ferrers
born about 1207 Derbyshire, England
died 24 March 1254 Evington, Leicestershire, England
buried 31 March 1254 Merevale Abbey, Merevale, Warwickshire, England
married 1238

*Joan de Ferrers Baroness Berkeley born Abt 1248 Of Derbyshire, England
died 19 Mar 1309/1310 Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
buried St. Augustines, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
*Agnes de Ferrers born 1244 Derby, Derbyshire, England died 1281
Elizabeth Ferrers born Abt 1246 <Of Derby, Derbyshire, England>
*Robert Ferrers born 1239 Derby, Lincolnshire, England
died 1278-1279 buried Priory Of St Thomas At Stafford
William De Ferrers born Abt 1240 Of Groby, Leicestershire, England died 20 Dec 1287

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