*Kazimierz I Karol "The Restorer" Prince of Poland
born 25 July 1016 Krakow, Poland
died 28 November 1058

*Miescyslaw II King of Poland
born about 0990
died 10 May 1034

*Richenza of Pfalz-Lorraine
born about 1000
died 31 March 1063 Saalfeld
married 1013

*Rixa (Richensa) Princess of Poland born 1018 Krakow, Poland died after 1052
*Gertrude of Poland born about 1025 died 4 January 1108

*Dobronegra Mariya Vladimirovna Princess of Kiev
born Abt 1011 Of Kiev, Ukraine
died 1087
married Abt 1039

*Wladislaw I Herman Prince of Poland born Abt 1043 Of Krakow, Poland died 4 Jun 1102
Boleslaw II "The Bold" King of Poland born Abt 1041 Of Krakow, Poland died 1081
Mieszko Prince of Poland born 16 May 1045 Of Krakow, Poland died 6 Dec 1065
Otton Prince of Poland born Abt 1046 Of Krakow, Poland died 1048
Swietoslawa Princess of Poland born Abt 1044 Of Krakâow, Poland died 1 Sep 1126

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