*Judith von Öhningen
born about 0952 Saxony, Germany

*Kuno Graf von Öhningen
born about 0948 Öhningen, Konstanz, Baden
died about 1020
(end of information)

*Richilde von Saxe Princess of Germany
born abt 0950

*Itha (Ita) von Öhningen
*unnamed daughter (Kunigunde?) von Öhningen
*Hemma von Öhningen
born about 0980 Öhningen, Konstanz, Baden
*Richilda von Öhningen born about 0980
unnamed daughter von Öhningen

spouse (1st):
*Ludwig von Dagsburg
born 0940? <Dabo, Moselle, France>
(end of information)

children (from 1st marriage):
*Heilwig von Dagsburg
born about 0964 Dabo, Moselle, France died 1046

spouse (2nd):
*Adalbert II Count in the Saargau and Metz
born before 0974
died about 1033 Bouzonville, returning from Jerusalem

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Gerhard II Count of Metz Duke of Upper Lorraine died 1045
*Adalbert III Count of Longwy Duke of Upper Lorraine born about 1000
died 1048

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