*William II "Rufus" King of England (Guillaume II de Normandie)
born about 1056 Normandy, France
died 1 August 1100 (murdered) New Forest, Hampshire, England
buried Cathedral St. Switen, Winchester, Hampshire, England

*Guillaume I "Le Conquâerant" de Normandie
born 14 October 1024 Falaise, Normandie
christened 1066 Norman Conquest as an Adult
died 9/10 September 1087 Hermenbraville, Rouen, Normandie
buried Abbaye de St. Etienne, Caen, Normandie

*Matilda Countess of Flanders Queen of England
born about 1031 Flandres
died 2 November 1083 Caen, Normandie
buried Eglise de la Sainte Trinitâe, Caen, Normandie
married 1050 Castle Angi, Normandy, France

Cecilia Princess of England born about 1055 Normandy, France died 30 July 1126 Caen, Calvados, France
*Adáele (Alice) Princess of England born about 1062 Normandie
died 8 March 1135 Marsilly, Aquitaine buried Caen, Normandie
*Constance Princess of England born about 1061 Normandy, France
died 13 August 1090 England buried St Edmondsbury, Suffolk, England
Mathilda Princess of England born 1059 Normandy, France died before 1112
*Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England born 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, England
christened 5 August 1100 Selby, Yorkshire, England
died 1 December 1135 St. Denis, Seine-St. Denis, France
buried 4 January 1136 Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire, England
Agatha Princess of England born about 1064 Normandy, France died before 1086 Calvados, France
buried Bayeux, Calvados, France
Alice or Adâelaèide de Normandie born about 1057 Normandie died 1065
Robert II Prince of England born about 1053 Normandy, France
died 10 February 1134 Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales buried St. Peters Church, Gloucester, England
Richard Prince of England born about 1054 Normandy, France died 1081 New Forest, Hampshire, England


*Silvie de Normandie
born about 1086 Bournonville, Upper Lorraine, France
died August 1126 Boulogne, France

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