*Jane (Joan) de Mowbray
born about 1363 England
died (after?) 30 November 1402 England

*Sir John (III) 4th Earl of Mowbray
born 25 June 1340 Epworth, Isle of Axhelme, Lincolnshire, England
died 9 October 1368 Thrace, Byzantium

*Elizabeth de Segrave
born 25 October 1338 Croxton, England
died 1368 England

John (de) Mowbray born about 1362 died before 1382
Eleanor (de) Mowbray born before 25 March 1364 England died after 1399
Sir Thomas (de) Mowbray born 22 March 1366 England died 22 September 1399 Venice, Italy

*Sir Thomas Grey IV Lord of Hetton
born about 1359 Heton, Northumberland, England
died 26 November 1400

*Agnes de Grey born about 1370 (or 1380?) Heton, Northumberland, England
died 25 October 1429 Harbottle Castle, Yorkshire, England
*Maud de Grey born about 1382 Warwickshire, England died 12 or 22 August 1451
Sir Thomas de Grey V of Heton born 30 November 1384 Castle Alnwick, Northumberland, England
died 3 August 1415 North Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, England
John de Grey Earl of Tancarville born about 1386 Wark-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England
died 22 March 1420/21 Battle of Bauge, Anjou, France

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