*Ralph De Mortimer Lord of Wigamore
born Normandie
died aft 1104

*Roger De Mortimer

*Hawisa (De Valois)


*Milisent wife of Roger De Mortimer
(end of information)

*Hugh De Mortimer born 1108 Of, Wigmore, Herefordshire, England died 1189
William De Mortimer
*Robert De Mortimer
born about 1100 Wigmore, Herefordshire, England
Hawise De Mortimer

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Accompanying the Duke of Normandy in his expedition against England, he was one of his principal commanders at the decisive battle of Hastings; and shortly after, as the most puissant of the victor's captains, was sent into the marches of Wales to encounter Edric, Earl of Shrewsbury, who still resisted the Norman yoke. This nobleman, after much difficulty, and a long siege in his castle of Wigmore, Mortimer subdued, and delivered into the king's hands. When, as a reward for his good service, he obtained a grant of all Edric's estates, and seated himself thenceforward at Wigmore. Independently of these great Welsh territorial possessions, Ralph Mortimer enjoyed by the bounty of his royal master sundry lordships and manors in other parts of the realm, which he held at the time of the General Survey. In the beginning of Rufus's reign, Mortimer took part with Curthose, but he subsequently changed sides, and being constituted general of the forces sent to oppose that prince in Normandy, by King Henry I., he totally routed the enemy, and brought Curthose prisoner to the king.

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