*Sibyl de Montgomery
born about 1066 St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France

*Roger de Montgomery
born 1022 St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France
died 27 July 1094 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
buried Abbey of St. Peter & St. Paul, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

*Mabel Talvas Comtess de Balleme, Alençon et Seez
born about 1026 Alençon, Eure, France
died 2 December 1079 (murdered) Bures Castle, France
buried 5 December 1082 Abbey of Troarn, Eure, France
married 1048 Perche, France

Mabel de Montgomery born about 1064 <St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France>
Phillip de Montgomery born about 1056 <St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France> died 1099 Siege of Antioch
Emma de Montgomery born about 1060 <St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France>
Robert de Montgomery born about 1050 <St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France>
*Arnulph de Montgomery born before 1074 <St. Germain Montgomery, Normandy, France>
Hugues de Montgomery born about 1052 Montgomery, Wales died: Jul 1103
*Robert II d'Alencon born about 1039 <Perche, France> died 1119
*Roger "The Poitevin" de Montgomery born about 1058 Marche, Poitou, France
died after 1102
*Maude De Montgomery born about 1041 Mortaigne, S-Mnch, France
died 1107 buried Abbaye de Grestain

*Robert Fitzhammon Lord of Glamorgan and Creully
born Abt 1070 East Chester, England
died 10 Mar 1107
married about 1084 Normandy, France

*Elias de Crevequer born Sarre, Kent, England died after 1145
*Maud (Mabel) (Sibyl) Fitzhammon
born Abt 1094 Of Gloucestershire, England
died 1157 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

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