*Alice (Adeliza) "de Gernon" de Meschines
born about 1094 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
died 1128

*Ranulph "De Briquessart" Le Meschin Earl of Chester
born about 1070 Briquessart, Livry, France
died January 1128/29 Chester, Cheshire, England
buried St. Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England

*Lucy Countess Of Chester
born about 1070 Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
died about 1136
married about 1097 England

Agnes Le Meschine born about 1097 Bayeux, Normandy, France
*William de Meschines born about 1100 Gernon Castle, Normandy, France
*Ranulph "De Gernon" de Meschines born 1099 Castle, Gernon, Normandy, France
died 16 December 1153 England buried St. Werburgh, Chester, Cheshire, England
*Miss des Meschines

*Richard De Clare
born 1084/1090 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
christened Of, Clare, Suffolk, England
died 15 Apr 1136 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England
married Bef 1116

*Roger de Clare born 1116 Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England died 1173 Oxfordshire, England
buried Eynsham Priory, Oxfordshire, England
*Alice (Adeliza) de Tunbridge (Clare) born about 1102 Tunbridge, Kent, England
died after 1148 England
Richard de Clare born about 1120 Clare, Suffolk, England
Gilbert de Clare born 1112 Hertford, Hertford, England died 1152 England buried Clare, Suffolk, England
Rohese de Clare born 1120 Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England died England

spouse (2nd):
*Robert Condet Lord of Thorngate Castle
died 1141

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Roger de Condet Lord of Coventry
born about 1128 Coventry, Lincolnshire, England

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