*Bertha Countess of Maurienne
born 21 September 1051 Maurienne, Savoie, France
died 27 December 1087

*Eudes (Otto) I Count of Maurienne-Savoy
born about 1002 Maurienne, Savoie, France
died 19 January 1057/60 or 1 March 1059

*Adelheid Margravine of Susa
born Abt 1020 Of, Susa, Torino, Italy
died 19 Dec 1091
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*Amadeo II Count of Savoy born about 1032 <Geneva, Switzerland> died 26 January 1080
Pietro I of Savoy born 1035
*Adelaide de Savoy born about 1040 Savoy

*Heinrich IV von Franconia Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 11 November 1050 Goslar, Brunswick, Germany
died 7 August 1106 Luttich
married 1066

*Agnes von Franconia Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
born 1074 Of, Klosterneuburg, Niederèosterreich, Austria
died 24 Sep 1143
Heinrich V Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 11 Aug 1081 Germany died 22 May 1125/1126, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Konrad King of the Germans born Abt 12 Feb 1074 Germany died 27 Dec 1101

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