*Almodis de la Haute Marche
born about 1022 Toulouse, France
died 16 November 1071 murdered

*Bernard I Comte De La Marche or Adalbert
born Abt 0970 <Of, Toulouse, France>
(end of information)

*Amelie Countess De Aubnay or Ponce or Amelie de Montignac
born Abt 0974 <Of, Toulouse, France>
(end of information)


spouse (1st)
*Pons III Count of Toulouse
born about 0990 Toulouse, France
died 1060 St. Sernin, Toulouse, France
divorced 1053?

children (from 1st marriage):
*Guillaume IV Count of Toulouse born 1040 Toulouse, France died 1093 Holy Land, Palestine
*Almode de Toulouse living 1132

spouse (3nd):
*Hugh V "Le Debonnaire" Sire of Lusignan
born Abt 1015 Of, Lusignan, Vienne, France
died 8 Oct 1060
married 1056

children (from 3rd marriage):
*Hugh VI "Le Diable" Sire of Lusignan
born Abt 1059? Lusignan, Vienne, France
died 1110

spouse (2nd):
*Raimund Berenger I (II) "el Viejo" Count of Barcelona
born 1023 Of, Barcelona, Spain
died 26 May 1076 Barcelona, Spain

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Raimund Berenger II (III) "Cabeza de Estope" Count of Barcelona
born 1053? Of, Barcelona, Spain
died 5 Dec 1082 murdered en route to Gerona, Catalonia, Spain
*Stephanie (Etiennette) of Barcelona
born Abt 1044 Toulouse, France
died after 1092

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Murdered by her step-son, Peter Raimond of Barcelona.

notes or source:
Some questions about the order of the spouses.