*Elinor verch Maelgwn
born about 1228 Carmarthenshire, Wales

*Maelgwn "Ieuanc" ("Fychan") ap Maelgwn
born Carmarthenshire, Wales
died 1257

*Angharad verch Llywelyn
born about 1212 Caernarvonshire, Wales

*Margred verch Maelgwn born of Carmarthenshire,Wales died 1255

spouse (1st?):
*Maredudd ap Owain
born about 1213 Of, Carmarthenshire, Wales
died 1265

children (from 1st marriage?):
*Owain ap Maredudd
born about 1245
died 15 August 1275

spouse (2nd?):
*Owain ap Madog
born Wales
(end of information)

children (from 2nd marriage?):
*Tangwystl verch Owain
born about 1248 Montgomeryshire, Wales

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
research of S. E. Oman Salt Lake City