*Liutgard Countess of Luxembourg
born about 0963 Bruxelles, Brabant, Belgium
died Aft 14 May 0995

*Siegfried Count of Luxembourg
born Abt 0918 Of, Luxembourg
died 28 Oct 0998

*Hedwig Mordgau
born about 0923 Luxembourg
(end of information).

*Frederic I Count of Luxembourg born Abt 0945 Of, Moselgau, France
died 6 Oct 1019
Eva Countess of Luxembourg born Abt 0967 Of Luxembourg
Kunigunde Countess of Luxembourg born 0970? Luxembourg died 3 Mar 1032
Theophano wife of Otto II (from Historian's History of the World)

*Arnulf Count of Holland & Westfrieseland
born 0961 Of, Gand, Flandre Orientale, Belgium
died 18 Sep 0993 Egmond Aan Den Hoef, Noord Holland, Netherlands
buried Egmond Aan Den Hoef, Noord Holland, Netherlands
married May or Aug 0980

*Dirk III Count of Holland & West Frieseland
born Abt 0981 Of, Gand, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium
died 27 May 1039
Siegfried or Sicco Count of Holland born Abt 0983 Of, Gand, Flandre-Oriental, Belgium
died 6 Jun 1030
Aleida Countess of Holland born Abt 0987 Of Gand, Flandre-Oriental, Belgium
died Abt 1045 Of France

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