*Ermisende de Luxembourg
born 1084? Trier, Rhineland, Germany
died 24 June 1143

*Konrad I de Luxemburg
born 1019 or 1040 Trier, Rhineland, Germany
died 8 August 1086

*Clemence de Poitou
born 1060? Poitou, France
died after 1129
married before 1075

*Mathilde de Luxembourg born 1055?
Henri III de Luxemburg
Guillaume de Luxemburg
Henri III de Luxemburg
Guillaume de Luxemburg

spouse (1st):
*Adalbert II Count of Egisheim & Moha
born about 1083 Eguisheim, Haut-Rhin, France

children (from 1st marriage):
*Mathilda of Egisheim born about 1095? died after 1135
*Luitgarde von Moha & Sulzbach born about 1109 <Trier, Rhineland, Germany> died 1162

spouse (2nd):
*Godefroy de Namur
born 1073 Namur, Belgium
died 19 August 1139

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Elizabeth de Namuer died about 1144
Clemence de Namuer
*Beatrice de Namuer
*Henri IV "Coecus" Comte de Namuer & Luxemburg
born 1113 died 1196
*Alix Comtesse de Namur born about 1124 Namur, Belgium died November 1168

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