*Rainer (Regnier) I Duke of Lorraine Count of Hainault
born 0860 France
died 19 January 0916 Meersen, Palatine

*Giselbert II Count of the Moselle (Maasgau) Count of Darnau
born about 0830 Moselle, Austrasia
died about 0892
married 0846

*Ermengarde (Irmgard) Duchess of the Moselle (Maasgau) Princess of Italy
born about 0832 Alsace-Lorraine


spouse (1st):
*Hersent Duchess of Lorraine Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
born 0865? Lorraine, France
married 889

children (from 1st marriage):
*Rainer II Count of Hainault
born Abt 0892 Of, Lorraine, France
*Giselbert Duke of Lorraine
born Abt 0890 Reims, Lorraine, France
died 2 Oct 0939 Andernach, Rhineland, Prussia

spouse (2nd):
*Albreda of Mons
born about 0862 Mons, France
died after 0916
(end of information)

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Symphorienne of Lorraine
born about 0894 Lorraine, France
died about 0924

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