*Marguerite de Lorraine
born about 1135 Alsace, France
died 15 November 1194

*Dietrich (Thierry) d' Alsace
born about 1099 Alsace, France
died 17 January 1168

*Sibilla d'Anjou
born about 1105 Anjou, France
died 1165/67
married 1134

Matthieu d' Alsace born about 1137 Flanders, Belgium died 1214 buried St. Judoc, Ponthieu, France

*Baudouin VIII (V) Count of Flanders & Hainault
born 1150 Hainault, Belgium
died 17 December 1195 Mons, Hainault, Belgium
married April 1169

*Isabelle de Hainault born 5 April 1170 Valenciennes, Flandres
died 15 March 1190 Paris, Isle de France buried Notre Dame De Paris, Paris, Isle De France
*Baudouin IX (VI) Count of Flanders & Hainault born July 1171 Hainault, Belgium
died 11 June 1205
Philippe I Count of Namur born 1174 Hainault, Belgium
died 15 October 1212 Namur, Belgium buried Namur, Belgium
*Yolande Countess of Flanders born 1175 Flanders, Belgium
died 26 August 1219 Constantinople, Byzantium
Henri de Flanders born 1176 Flanders, Belgium died 11 July 1216
Eustach de Flanders born about 1191 Flanders, Belgium died after 1217

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