*Alberade De Lorraine
born about 0930 Lorraine, France
died 15 March 0973

*Gilbert (Giselbert) Duke of Lorraine
born about 0890 Reims, Lorraine, France
died 2 October 0939 Andernach, Rhineland, Prussia

*Gerberge of Saxony Queen of France
born 0913/0914 Nordhausen, Saxony, Prussia
died 5 May 0984 Reims, Champagne
buried Reims, Champagne
married 29 Jan 1044

Henri Duke of Lorraine born Abt 0932 Lorraine, France died Abt 0932
*Gerberge Princess of Lorraine born about 0925 Lorraine
Wiltrude Duchess of Bavaria born Abt 0937 Lorraine, France

*Renaud Comte de Roucy
born about 0931 Roucy, Aisne, France
died 15 March 0973
married 0955

*Ermentrude (Irmtrude) de Roucy Countess Of Rheims
born about 0963 Rheim, Marne, France died before 5 March 1005
*Gilbert (Giselbert) de Roucy Vicomte de Rheims born about 0956 Roucy, Aisne, France
died 19 April 0990 Reims, Marne, France buried Rheims, Marne, France

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