*William Longsword Duke of Normandy
born 0876 Normandie, Neustria
died 0942 France

*Rollo "the Dane"(Hrolf the Ganger) Rognaldsson Duke of Normandy
born 0846
died 0932

*Papia de Senlis
born 0848

*Adáele (Gerloc) of Normandy
born Abt 0897 Of, Normandie, Neustria
died Aft 14 Oct 0942

*Raoul Count of Bayeux & Ivry

spouse (2nd):
*Espriota de Bretagne
born abt 0910
married Abt 932 Of, Normandy, France

*Richard I Duke of Normandy
born 0933
died 0996

biographical and/or anecdotal:
2nd Duke of Normandy from 927 to 943`, was also Duke of Aquitaine and died in 942,
slain by Arnulf of Flanders with whom he had in good faith gone to confer.
First wife *Ledgarde Duchess of Normandy
notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James & ancestry.com