*Aud (Unn) "Deep Minded" Ketilsdatter Queen of Dublin
born Abt 0834 Of Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway
died 0900 Hvammi, Dala, Iceland

*Ketill "Flatnefur" "Flatnose" Bjornsson Lord of the Hebrides
born Abt 0812 Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway
died Abt 0880 Scotland

*Ingveld Ketilsdatter
born Abt 0806 Of Romsdal, Telemark, Norway
married Abt 0849 Of Norway

Bjorn (Eastman) Ketilsson born Abt 0850 Of Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway died Abt 0890
Helgi (Bjolan) Ketilsson born Abt 0848 Of Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway
Thorunn "Hyrna" Ketilsdatter born Abt 0844 Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway died Kronesi, Eyjafjardar, Iceland
Jorunn (Manvitsbrekka) Ketilsdatter born Abt 0846 Of Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway

*Olof "the White" "Hviti" Ingjaldsson King of Ireland
born Abt 0840 Of Dyflinni, Ireland?
died 0871 Dublin, Ireland
married Abt 0857 Of Dublin, Ireland

*Thorstein "The Red" Olafsson born Abt 0858 Dublin, Ireland
died 0888 Hvammi, Dala, Iceland
Jocunda Olafsdatter born Abt 0859 Of Dublin, Ireland
buried Ekkjalsbakki, Ekkjalsbakki, Dornoch, Scotland

biographical and/or anecdotal:
After her husband's death, she settled in the year 892 at Hvamm, near Broadfirth, in the northwestern part of Iceland.

notes or source: