*Llewelyn "Mawr" "The Great" ap Iorwerth King of Gwynedd & Powys
born 1173 Aberffraw Castle, Caernarvonshire, Wales
died 11 April 1240 Aberconwy, Arllechwedd Isaf, Caernarvonshire, Wales

*Iorwerth "Drwyndwn" Ap Owain
born 1145 Aberffraw Castle, Aberffraw, Anglsy, Wales
died Abt 1184

*Margred Verch Madog
born Abt 1129 Of Montgomeryshire, Wales
married Abt 1163


spouse (not married?):
*Tangwystl verch Llywarch
born about 1168 Rhos, Denbighshire, Wales

children (from this union):
*Margaret verch Llewelyn born 1202 Caermarvonshire, Wales died 1263
*Gwladys "Ddu" verch Llewelyn born before 16 April 1205 Caernarvonshire, Wales
died 1251 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Gruffudd ap Llywelyn born before 16 April 1205 Caernarvonshire, Wales died 1 Mar 1244

spouse (2nd union):
*Joan Princess of England
born about 1188 London, Middlesex, England
died February 1237 Aberconwy,Arllechwedd Isaf,Caernarvonshire,Wales
buried Llan-faes,Dindaethwy,Anglesey,Wales
married after 16 April 1205

children (from 2nd union):
*Dafydd ap Llywelyn born about 1209 Caernarvonshire, Wales died March 1246
*Angharad verch Llywelyn born about 1212 Caernarvonshire, Wales
*Helen (Elen) verch Llewelyn born about 1230/34 Wales
3 other sisters

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