*Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess of the Germans
born Abt 0922 Of Saxony, Germany
died 10 May 0965 Aachen, Rheinland, Germany
buried 10 May 0965
married Bef 14 Sept 0938 Mainz Oder, Ingelheim, Rhineland, Germany

*Heinrich I "The Fowler" King Of The Germans
born 0876 Of, Saxony, Germany
died 2 Jul 0936 Membleben, Saxony, Germany

*Matilda Countess von Ringelheim
born Abt 0878 Of Ringelheim, Goslar, Hannover, Germany
died 14 May 0968 Of, Memleben, Saxony
married 0909

Henrich II (I) Duke of Saxony(Bavaria)
born Abt 0919 Of, Saxony, Germany
died 1 Nov 0955
Bruno I Archbishop of Koeln
born Abt 0925 Saxony, Germany
died 11 Oct 0965
buried St Pantaleon, Koeln, Rheinland, Germany
*Gerberge Queen of France born 0913/0914 Nordhausen, Saxony, Prussia
died 5 May 0984 Reims, Champagne buried Reims, Champagne
*Otto I "The Great" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born 23 Nov 0912 Of, Saxony, Germany
died 7 May 0973 Memleben, Saxony, Germany

*Hugues Magnus Duke of France
born Abt 0898 Of, Paris, Isle De France
died 17 Jun 0956 Dourdan, Isle De France
buried Abbaye De St Denis, St Denis, Isle De France

*Hugues "Capet" King of France born Abt 0939 Of, Paris, Isle De France
died 24 Oct 0996 Of, Paris, Isle De France
buried Abbaye De St Denis, Isle De France, France
*Bâeatrice Princess of France born 0939 Bourgogne, Champagne, France died 23 Aug 0987
Emma Princess of France born 0943 France died 19 Mar 0968
Otto Eudes, Duke of Burgundy born 0944 France died 22 Feb 0965
Henri I, Duke of Burgundy born 0946 France died 15 Oct 1001/1002

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