Soviet Officer's Hat (Ushanka)

Other vendors model these hats using their sexy blond girlfriend.
This is hardly representative of the type of hardy soul who might need it.
Below we show a very young (three-years-old) Russian conscript
about to depart for the bone-chilling cold of the Russian front.
You can see a measure of uncertainty in his eyes.
These hats come in various grades and were for use by Soviet troops
in cold weather in Russia (every month except July).
They are warranted to minus thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
After that you're on your own.
The exact same hat is used by the Russian military except with the double eagle emblem.
We were able to get some of the fast-disappearing Soviet versions
with the infamous hammer and sickle.
Russian hats come in a variety of qualities and materials running the gamut from
the tummy hair of unmarried, virgin minks in the best quality hats
to the tail hair of rats in those hats of not-so-superior quality.
That problem has been neatly side-stepped by the army by using cotton quilting and synthetic materials.
This allows it to be dry-cleaned and also answers animal-rights concerns.
Likewise, it also makes it affordable at $24.00 (versus $240.00).
It comes in three sizes- 60 cm, 61 cm and 62 cm.
This corresponds to approximately 7¼, 7½, and 7¾.
This further corresponds to normal, large and Einstein.
(We wanted to say "punkin'head"- but we also want your business!)
Add $5.50 for shipping & insurance. Add $2.00 for each additional hat.
Special bonus!
If you buy anything else from the catalog & it fits inside the hat only add $2 for shipping.
(we save on bubble wrap!).
If you need to contact us our e-mail is
russian fur hat

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