*Rainer IV Count of Hainault
born Abt 0950 Of Duchy Of Lower Hainault
died 1013/1049

*Rainer III Count of Hainault
born Abt 924 Of, Hainault, Belgium

*Adele (Alice) Countess of Equisheim
born Abt 929 Of, Hainault, Belgium

*Lambert I de Hainault "the Bearded" Count of Louvain born about 0952 Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
died 12 September 1015 in battle near Florennes

*Adwige (Avoise) Capet de France
born about 0972 France
died about 1013

*Bâeatrice Countess of Hainault born about 0998 Hainault, Duchy Of Lower Lorraine
died 11 May 1033
Roltilde De Hainault born 1000 Hainault, Belgium
*Renier Count of Mons born 1005 Mons, Hainault, Belgium

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