*Susanna Verch Gruffyd
born about 1095 Caernarvonshire, Wales

*Gruffydd ap Cynan Prince of Gwynedd
born 1055 Dublin, Ireland
died 1137 Caernarvonshire, Wales
buried Bangor Cathedral, Is Gwyrfai, Caernarvonshire, Wales

*Angharad verch Owain of Tegaingl
born about 1065 Tegaingl, Flintshire, Wales
died 1162
married about 1082

*Rhanullt verch Gruffydd born about 1083 Caernarvonshire, Wales
*Owain "Fawr" ap Gruffydd Prince of Gwynedd born about 1087 Caernarvonshire, Wales
died December 1169 Caernarvonshire, Wales buried Bangor Cathedral, Is Gwyrfai, Caernarvonshire, Wales
*Gwenllian verch Gruffydd born about 1085 Aberffraw Castle, Caernarvonshire, Wales
died 1136 Battle of Maes?
*Yslani verch Gruffudd born about 1104 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Membyr "Ddu" ap Gruffydd born about 1114 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhael verch Gruffydd born about 1116 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Annes verch Gruffydd born about 1118 Caernarvonshire, Wales
*Margred verch Gruffydd born about 1120 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Tudwal ap Gruffydd born about 1122 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Elen verch Gruffydd born about 1089 Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Merinedd verch Gruffydd born about 1091 Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
*Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd born about 1096 Caernarvonshire, Wales
died March 1172 buried Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cadwallon ap Gruffydd born about 1097 Caernarvonshire, Walesey, Wales died 1132

*Madog ap Maredydd
born about 1091 Montgomeryshire, Wales
died 1160 Winchester, Hampshire, England
buried St. Tysilio, Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Wales

*Margred verch Madog born about 1129 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Owain ap Madog born about 1136 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Iorwerth ap Madog born about 1134 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Miss verch Madog born about 1137 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Elise ap Madog born about 1127 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Llewelyn ap Madog born about 1123 Montgomeryshire, Wales died 1160
Owain "Fychan" ap Madog born about 1125 Mechoin, Montgomeryshire, Wales died 1186
*Gruffydd "Maelor" ap Madog born about 1121 Montgomeryshire, Wales died about 1191
*Gwenllian verch Madog born about 1131 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Efa verch Madog born about 1133 Montgomeryshire, Wales

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