*Irmtrud Countess of Gleiberg
born 0948? Of, Gleiberg, Germany

*Heribert Count in Kinziggau
born 0914? Kinzig, Hessen, Germany
died 0992

*Irmintrud Countess of Avalgau
born 0918? Avalgau, Germany

Udo Von Hammerstein born 0940? Of Hammerstein, (now Czarne), Koszalin, Poland died 5 Jun 1036
Gebhard Count of Gleiberg born 0944? Of, Gleiberg, Germany died 1016
Gerberge Countess of Gleiberg born 0950? Of, Gleiberg, Germany

*Frederic I Count of Luxembourg
born Abt 0945 Of, Moselgau, France
died 6 Oct 1019
married Aft 0985 Of, Lorraine, France

*Otgive de Luxembourg born Abt 0986 Of Flanders, France
died 21 Feb 1030 Flanders, France
*Giselbert I de Luxembourg died 14 August 1059
*Jutta Countess of Luxembourg born 1000 <Limburg, Belgium> died after 21 August 1057
Otgina of Luxembourg born <0988 <Limburg, Limburg, Belgium>
*Irmtrud Countess of Luxembourg born 0990 <Limburg, Belgium> died 1055

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