*Thierry III (Theodoric)(Theudebert) King of the Franks
born about 0652 Neustria, France
died 0691 France

*Clovis (Chlodovech) II King of the Franks
born about 0634 Moselle, France
died about 0656 St. Denis, Aude, France

*Bathilde of France
born about 0638 Moselle, France
died about 30 Jan 0684/85 Chelles Monastery, France
(end of information)

Childeric II King Franks
Clotaire III King Neustria
Lothar III Franks

*Clotilde Queen of the Franks
born about 0654 France
died after 0691 St. Wast Abbey, Arras, Pas de Calais, France
(end of information)

*Childebert II Meroving of France born about 0670 France
died 14 April 0711 St. Etienne, Loire, France
*Chrotlind Meroving of the Franks
Clotaire IV King Austria
Clovis (Chlodovech) III King France
*Bertrada (Bertha) Meroving de Austrasia
died after 0721

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Spouse also given as Irmina von Oeren.