*Gisela Princess of France and the West
born abt 0818 Frankfurt, Hesse, Nassau, Germany
died 1 Jul 0874

*Louis I "The Pious" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born August 0778 Casseneuil, France
died 20 June 0840 Near, Ingelheim, Rhinehessen, Hesse
buried Cathâedrale D'Aachen, Aachen, Rheinland, Germany

*Judith "The Fair" Princess of Bavaria
born about 0800 Bavaria
died 19 April 0843 Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France

*Charles II "The Bald" Holy Roman Emperor
born 13 June 0823 Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia
died 6 October 0877 Brides Les Bains, near Mt. Cenis in the Alps
buried St. Denis, France
*Adelaide De Aquitane born bet 822 & 824 Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France
died Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France

*Eberhard (Everard) Marquis of Friuli
born about 0800 Fruili, Italy
died 16 December 0862

*Heilwise of Friuli died 0936
*Berenger I Marquis of Ivrea King of Italy Holy Roman Emperor
born about 0842 died 7 April 0924 Verona, Italy
*Hunroch (Unroch) III Margrave of Friuli born about 0840 Fruili, Italy died 0874
*Ermenfroi d'Amiens born about 0844 Friuli, Italy
*Judith of Friuli died after 0902
*Ingeltrud von Friuli

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