*Marie Princess of France
born 1145 France
died 11 March 1198

*Louis VII King of France
born 1119/20 Reims, Champagne, France
died 18 September 1180 Paris, Isle de France, France
buried 19 September 1180 Barbeau, Isle De France, France

*Elâeonore Princess of Aquitaine
born 1121/22 Chateau de Belin, Bordeaux, Aquitaine
died 31 March 1204 Poitiers, Poitou, Aquitaine
buried Abbaye de Fontevrault, Fontevrault, France
divorced 22 July 1137 Bordeaux, Aquitaine

*Agnes Capet de France born about 1138
Alix Princess of France born 1150/51 France died 1195

*Henri I Count of Champagne
born 1127 Champagne
died 16 March 1181 Troyes, Champagne
buried St Etienne, France
married 1164 France

Henri II Count of Champagne & Brie King of Jerusalem
born 29 July 1166 Champagne, France died 10 September 1197
*Thibault V(?) (III) Count of Champagne and Brie born 1167 Champagne, France
died 24 May 1201 Holy Land
Scholastique of Champagne born about 1169 Champagne, France died 1218
*Marie de Champagne born about 1171 Champagne, France died 29 August 1204

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