*Alix Princess of France
born about 1170 France
died 1221

*Louis VII King of France
born 1119/20 Reims, Champagne, France
died 18 September 1180 Paris, Isle de France, France
buried 19 September 1180 Barbeau, Isle de France, France

*Adáele (Alix) Countess of Champagne
born about 1140 Blois, France
died 4 June 1206 Paris, Isle de France
buried Abbaye de Pontigny, Pontigny, Isle de France
married 13 November 1160

*Philippe Auguste II King of France born 22 August 1165 Paris, Isle de France
christened Paris, Isle de France died 14 July 1223 Mantes, Isle de France
buried St. Denis, Isle de France
Agnáes (Anna) Princess of France born 1171 Paris, Isle de France, France died about 1240

*Guillaume III Count of Ponthieu
born 1179 Ponthieu, Flandres, France
died 4 October 1221 France
married 20 August 1195 Castile

*Marie (Jeanne) Countess of Ponthieu & Montreuil
born 17 April 1199 Aumale, Normandie
died September 1250 Normandie
married about 1212 Aumale, Seine-Maritime, France

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