*Gertrude de Flanders
born about 1064 Flanders, Belgium
died 1117

*Robrecht I "De Fries" Count of Flanders
born about 1033 Flandres, Belgium
died 13 October 1093 Kassel, Germany

*Gertrud Princess of Saxony
born about 1028 Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria
died 4 August 1113
married 1063

Robert II Count of Flanders born 1065 <Flanders, Belgium> died 5 October 1111 Meaux, France

spouse (1st):
*Henri III de Louvain
born about 1060 Lorraine, France

children (from 1st marruiage):
*Adelaide de Louvain
born about 1090 France
died 1158 Tart

spouse (2nd):
*Thierry I (Dietricht I) Duke of Upper Lorraine
born about 1044 Lorraine, France
died 23 January 1115
married 1095

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Dietrich (Thierry) d' Alsace
born about 1099 Alsace, France
died 17 January 1168

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