*William de Ferrers
born about 1162 Ferrers, Derbyshire, England
died 22 September 1247

*William (Robert) de Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby
born 1144 Derby, Derbyshire, England
died 21 October 1190 Seige of Acre, Jerusalem, Palestine
buried Normandy, France

*Sibilla Braose
born about 1157 Bramber, Sussex, England
died after 05 February 1227/28 England
married about 1173/74? Sussex, England

*Millicent de Ferrers born about 1170 Derby, Derbyshire, England
*Petronilla de Ferrers born before 1189 Derbyshire, England
*Agatha de Ferrers born about 1170? Charltey, Staffordshire, England

*Agnes de Meschines
born about 1174 Tutbury, Staffordshire, England
died 2 November 1247
married 1192 Cheshire, England

*William de Ferrers born about 1207 Derbyshire, England
died 24 March 1254 Evington, Leicestershire, England
buried 31 March 1254 Merevale Abbey, Merevale, Warwickshire, England
Berta (Ferrars) de Ferrers born about 1218 Thetford, Norfolk, England
Thomas de Ferrers born about 1202 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Hugh de Ferrers born about 1204 Derby, Derbyshire, England died 10 August 1257
Robert de Ferrers born about 1206 Derby, Derbyshire, England died 1279
*Sybil de Ferrers born 25 July 1216 Derby, Derbyshire, England

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