*Æthelreda Princess of England
born about 1042

*Edward "Atheling" Prince of England (The Exile)
born 1016 Wessex, England
died 1057 London, Middlesex, England

*Agatha von Brunswick Princess of England
born 13 July 1024? Braunschweig, Prussia
married about 1035 London, Middlesex, England?

*Margaret "Atheling" Queen of Scotland born about 1042/45 Wessex, England
died 16 November 1093 Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland
buried Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
Edgar "Atheling" Prince of England born about 1036 Wessex, England died after 1126
Christina "Atheling" Princess of England born about 1044 Wessex, England
?*Maurice Drummond born about 1040 Hungary? died 1093 Battle of Alnwich

*Gospatric of Northumberland 1st Earl of Dunbar
born 1040 Northumberland, England
died about 1075
buried Norham, Northumberland, England

*Waltheof of Dunbar Lord of Allerdale born about 1064 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
died 1138
*Uchtred of Northumberland born about 1080 Raby, Durham, England
*Æthelreda nicGospatrick Queen of Scotland born about 1068 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
Dolfin King of Cambria born about 1060 Dunbar, East-Lothian, Scotland
*Gospatric of Northumberland 2nd Earl of Dunbar
born about 1062 Dunbar, East-Lothian, Scotland died 22 August 1138

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