*Edgar "The Peacable" King of England
born 0943 Wessex, England
died 8 July 0975 Wessex, England
buried Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, England

*Edmund I "The Magnificent" King of England
born 0922
died 26 May 0946 Pucklechurch, Dorset, England

*Elgiva (St. Aelfgifu) Queen of England
born 0924
died 0944
(end of information)

Edwig King of England

spouse (2nd):
*Ælfthryth (Elfrida) of Devon Queen of England
born 0945
died 1000

*Æthelred II "the Redeless" King of England
born 0968
died 23 April 1016 London, England

biographical and/or anecdotal:
During the reign of his brother Edwy, he was chosen King of Mercia and Northumbria, and succeeded Edwy in 958. He recalled Dunstan, made him bishop of Worcester, of London, and, on the death of Odo, archbishop of Canterbury, and gave himself up to his direction. The reign of Edgar was peaceful, the Northmen making no descents on England, perhaps in consequence of the large fleet kept up by the king. Monasteries were restored, and many new ones built; the married clergy expelled, and church power raised to a higher point than before, which made Edgar a favourite and got him a good name with monkish historians. His character was nevertheless feeble, selfish, and sensual. Edgar was not crowned till 973, and the same year took place the stately ceremonial on the Dee, when six or eight subject kings attended him. Edgar is said to have imposed on the Welsh an annual tribute of 300 wolves' heads, instead of a money tax. Died, 975. He left two sons, Edward(the Martyr) and Ethelred, who both succeeded to the crown.
The first King of a united England. He allowed his Danish subjects to retain Danish laws. Edgar promoted a monastic revival and encouraged trade by reforming the currency. He improved defence by organising coastal naval patrols and a system for manning warships. Although he succeeded on 1st October 959, he was not crowned until 973 because St Dunstan, the Archbishop of Canterbury, disapproved of his way of life.

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