Thoosuchus yakolevi

thoosuchus skull
Thoosuchus yakovlevi -Ryabinin, 1925- skull
Labyrinthodontia: Temnospondyli: Benthosuchidae
Locality: Tikhvinskoye, Yaroslavl Region, central European Russia
Age: Early Triassic, 245 million years ago

In the Triassic, significant changes of climate, plant assemblages
and arrangement of continents occured.
These changes essentially altered conditions of existence of terrestrial tetrapods,
and many of their ancient Paleozoic groups became almost completely extinct.
In comparison with the end of Late Permian, the climate got milder in the Triassic,
and diverse labyrinthodonts spread widely in large basins.
The labyrinthodonts Thoosuchus, Benthosuchus, Eryosuchus are
very unlike in sizes and obviously behaved in different ways.
At the same time, their affinity to each other as well as to Permian labyrinthodonts is
easily recognizable by the characteristic shape of the skull in these ancient amphibians.
thoosuchus reconstruction
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