sauropod reconstruction
The evolutionary history of sauropodomorphs was very successful and they had global
distribution beginning from the Late Triassic until the end of the Late Cretaceous.
Their advanced members, the sauropods, embody the largest terrestrial tetrapods ever
to have inhabited the Earth. Some of them were more than 40 meters long and up to 60-70
tons in weight. Besides the skeletal remains the record of this abundant and diverse
group of dinosaurs includes well preserved egg clutches,such as the one from the Late
Cretaceous of Mongolia displayed at the"Russian Dinosaur Exposition".
sauropod eggs
Nest of sauropod eggs
Archosauria: Saurischia: Sauropoda
Locality: Olgoi Ulan Tsav, Gobi Desert, southern Mongolia
Age: Late Cretaceous (Campanian), 75 million years ago
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diplodocus coin
brontosaurus (sic) coin cetiosaurus coin
These coins of Diploducus, Brontosaurus (sic) and Cetiosaurus were issued in 1993 by the governments of Isle of Man, Bosnia and Gibraltar respectively.

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