Dr. Igor Vitalievitch Novikov

Dr. Novikov is the Deputy Director of the Paleontological Institute.
His specialty is the Permian -Triassic boundary leaning more to the Triassic.
He works with reptile-like amphibians and amphibian-like reptiles.
Unfortunately too much of his time is now given to administration instead of science
and he risks being subsumed by amphibian-like bureaucrats.
It is through his untiring efforts and faith in the unproven Mr. Pruitt
that the Russian Dinosaur Exposition came to fruition.
Dr. Novikov with unnamed species
Here is Dr. Novikov with an unnamed species he discovered while working in America.
Dr. Novikov with another species
Here is Dr. Novikov examining another species he discovered in Mr. Pruitt's lake.
Dr. Novikov examines an American salamander
Dr. Novikov examines an American salamander before tasting.
Dr. Novikov in cultural exchange
Dr. Novikov works tirelessly to improve cultural exchanges.
(This photo may later be deleted to improve Dr. Novikov's image,
but paleontologists are notoriously fun guys!)

Species described by Dr. Novikov:
Parotosuchus komiensis
Angusaurus tsylmemsis
Vyborosaurus mirus
Wetlugasaurus malachovi
Kapes serotinus
Lestanshoria massiva
Samaria concinna
Timanophon raridentatus
Batrachsuchoides impressus
Species described by Dr. Novikov with Dr. Orlov:
Insulophon morachovskayae
Species described by Dr. Novikov with Dr. Shishkin:
Aranetsia improvisa
Komatosuchus chalyshevi

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